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Until now I've never left a review for a company and I've used many products and services. I made an exception here as the service was "outstandingly" poor. There are multiple tools that are not intuitive and you're automatically put on an auto-renew when you sign up. There's no heads up provided about your subscription being up for renewal to provide an option to cancel ahead of time rather they simply bill you and then let you know your card was charged, after the fact, and then tell you it's all your fault for not remembering a year later that you were on auto-renew.

Asking for a refund at this point (even though they took your money in advance and you haven't used the service for the next period) is met with a series of ready-to-go copy/paste form letters for just such an occasion. These form letters serve as reminders to tell you that everything should be clear as a bell, how *** you are for not remembering you're on auto-renew, and by saying you didn't remember (i.e. complaining) this could lead to a "Federal case for perjury by submitting a false and fraudulent dispute signed under penalty of perjury."

And just so everyone is aware here's some more dialog or should I say monologue they hit you with (or at least they hit me with) in case you miss it (just the kind of thing everyone wants to focus on & see from their service provider) :

"All disputes that lead to chargebacks are thoroughly investigated and may add you to a blacklist with our processor which will complicate future online purchases. Denying a purchase that you have made is illegal and will result in an investigation which can lead to heavy fines or other legal action toward you. Your credit rating can be affected by false claims of fraud." All this over a request to cancel and refund when I found out I'd been charged.

So I asked Nichebot support why an alternative sign up to auto-renew is not provided. The kind and supportive staff at Nichebot responded: "Lastly, to wrap up the issue on this topic, there doesn't need to be an alternative when all YOU have to do is cancel right after you subscribe or -- get this -- NOT enter into such an agreement with a vendor. No one ever forced you to sign up nor did anyone keep you from cancelling after day one. However, by signing up, you did decide to enter into a contract." Their comments went on to say how others had tried to extort Nichebot into taking action on a refund as I was doing only my methods were "less sleezy" and more "eloquent."

There's more I could write on equally disrespectful comments from Nichebot, however, I'm guessing my point is made. For anyone reading my comments, if you agree, I would suggest taking a pass on their service & thereby making a statement that their treatment of customers is not acceptable. There are plenty of alternative options available using simple search engine searches.

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Nichebot - Deceptive Business Practices / Failure to Deliver

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I made a very simple request to nichebot's support ticketing system: How do I stop my subscription but still use the credits I have previously purchased?

John Gibbons - CST Replied:

The simple instructions to stop the subscription is right here: To use your credits, you MUST have an active subscription because there are plenty of FREE tools that do not cost credits. So I am sorry to report what you did not want to hear.We do have an ACCESS ONLY subscription at $9.97 thatwill allow you to use only credits and not receive any.Your credits will be kept for one year from the date ofyour last renewal. All you need to do is renew oncea year to keep the credits.You can always go to the FREE Google Keyword Tool with less functionality or head on over to Keyword Discoveryfor $69.99 per month or WordTracker for the same price.

I responded with a statement stating I felt that I wasted my money - and was happily going about my business.

Then John Gibbons - CST Replied:

We're sorry that you are missing the point here at NicheBOT.You will NEVER get the Long Tail keyword phrases that you do with WordTracker's database. Find most popular keywords with Google and dig into WordTracker to get the long tail which Google will NEVER give you.There ARE reasons why we have multiple database -- but we wish you all the luck with just the Google keywords. ;-) Best of luck to ya...

I then replied:

No, You are missing the point.

You are offering a service that forces one to keep it "active" or you cannot use what was previously purchased.

I think a nice blog entry informing the world is in order here. Then perhaps a call to the FTC and/or an attorney general for parasitic business practices. I paid for a service, I should be able to use said service without being forced to keep buying more services from you.

Then my account was terminated and later John Gibbons - CST Replied:

Thanks for letting us know about the blog post and your FTC complaint. Appreciate the forewarning.This is to confirm that you filed an FTC complaint against NicheBOT as a result of what you call my "lack of cooperation"when all I did was my job to offer you the options wehave available. The options I offered you did not meetwith your criteria and expectations of how you believeNicheBOT should be operated. On 2/9/11 at 2:57 p.m.I offered you the option of an "Access Only" account touse your premium credits. On 2/11/11, at 8:30 a.m., youwrote us back when we did not create a new policy tomeet with your own expectations and you said in verbatimas follows:"I think a nice blog entry informing the world is in orderhere. Then perhaps a call to the FTC and/or an attorneygeneral for parasitic business practices.""I paid for a service, I should be able to use said service withoutbeing forced to keep buying more services from you."You paid a Membership Fee to access multiple tools, manyof which are free and NicheBOT accessorizes a member'saccount with Premium Credits for use with the Deep-Digging tools, and those credits are but a tiny fraction of about 8-10%of the actual dues and fees paid.In fact, if we wanted to, we could have decided to code the system so ALL credits expire at the end of each month and you would have NO credits to worry or complain about.However, instead, we were thinking forward about the consumer and we decided to allow ROLLOVER credits.The ultimate meaning behind your statement about my"lack of cooperation" surrounds your inability to accept the reality and the fact that we don't run NicheBOT the way you want us to and according to the Rules of [my name incorrectly spelled]. If someone does not accede to your demands, you attempt to leverage getting your wayby utilizing threats to governmental agencies, an act otherwise known as blackmale.Please make sure to let the FTC know -- as we will dothe same -- that Premium Credits are but a tiny fractionof the actual membership fees and simply allow theuser to use a PORTION of the service -- the Deep-Digging tools. Well, you already know how that works.At current rates -- Premium Credits amount to 8-10% ofthe actual membership fees. As a result of 90% of thecosts being attributed toward the monthly membership,we generously offer an ACCESS ONLY account that is amere $9.97 and store your information and keep yourcredits alive for a year free of charge when we have NO obligation to. So we welcome the FTC and any otherconsumer review board to analyze the structure andmodel of our operations.Once the FTC and any other organization reviews theconsumer savings NicheBOT offers the internet publicat large with the monthly $69.99 membership peoplesave accessing, and then the $59.99monthly fee folks save to access SEMrush.comincluded within the measly $17,50 and $35 membershipfee we offer -- we believe this creates a pretty laugh ablescenario.

Your account has been locked as we consider you a hostile individual, your IP and email address is now on our blocklist and we will also follow up with our own blog post warning the internet at large of your malicious, slanderous and extortion like behavior when organizations fail to bend to your will -- or as you call it, "lack of cooperation." Nomatter how you cut, your attempt to blackmale this organization is hereby denied.

Please be advised that NicheBOT reserves the right to bring an action for libel and slander against you and thismatter may be referred to our legal department forfurther action.This is not a complete statement of this matter and allcauses of action that may be brought against you, allof which are reserved until the filing of an action basedon your actionable behavior.We wish you all the best in your endeavors and hope youfind the peace within you to accept the realities of how organizations form and enforce their policies and practicesshould they not meet with your own perceived reality.

---- End of Response

I should not be forced to purchase a "$9.95" per month service just to use the previous services I have PAID FOR.

The fact that one must maintain an active subscription to use previously purchased services is not spelled out anywhere that I can find on Nichebot's website.

Since my account has been terminated, nothing less than a 100% refund is in order. I paid for over a year's worth of service that they have not delivered and are now refusing to make good on.

They have already closed the PayPal complaint I have made -- since they are providing a virtual service, there is no guarantee nor will PayPal reverse the charges, even the one that was JUST made not even days ago...

Buyer be very aware!

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Nichebot is a terrorist organization

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I have recently had a very unpleasant experience with Nichebot keyword finding tools on the Internet. When I tried to cancel my account and the obtain a refund might request was intercepted by Mary in their customer service department. I talked with bad service reps before but she is the worst.

The service was recommended by owner of video robot a program which allows you to convert articles into a video. Since I was quite happy video robot I felt his recommendation would be worth looking into. And researching next by I googled their guarantee policy and pulled out a page which indicated that customers had one full year to make their decision on the service. If in that time they were dissatisfied they would receive a complete refund payments made.

But I found out that this companies deceptive practices was to advertise one policy to outsiders but once you were in and have paid your monthly premium they pointed out their "secret policy"I call it secret because it's buried with a number of other items at the bottom of their page in four point type. That says that the refund is only during the promotional period. That is the first two weeks where they charge you one dollar for access. So if you're not happy with the service within two weeks date will give you your dollar back.

But the tools and programs itself are very convoluted and take time to understand that is the parts of the system that is working. I found on four or five visits that some things would be working and some things wouldn't it would be a menu of what was working and what wasn't that change with each visit.

After working and going to the training two times I threw my hands up in frustration and and decided this program wasn't for me. That's when Mary stepped in with their condescending and arrogant attitude about how I should have been a smarter consumer when I made the decision to try the service.

They cut off my paid subcription portion when I compained to the company. They simply converted my payment for their gain and did not render any service for the fees already paid So anyone thinking about keyword search should think twice before trying out Nichebot

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